Top 10 Greatest Dota 2 Carry Player Greatest Carry player in the history 電玩資訊 | 發表於 2014-08-04 3:42 AM (19小時前) | 點閱: 870

VG.Sylar (85 marks)

Sylar’s hero pool is very limited , but he is the best for what is known for , his morphling and weaver considered to be the best in the world , He is the best late game carry in the world ….
His playstyle is like zsmj , he doesnt like to gank alot and often farm a long time before helping his team

LightOfHeaven (88marks)

His ability to farm and knowledge of when to initiate and engage is amazing ..If He would have stay at Navi , i think Navi would have much better performance

Alliance.Loda (80marks)

Loda distinguishes himself from most players by the fact that he manages to outfarm everyone while still helping the rest of the team gank.

DK.Burning ( 95 marks)

One of the most perfect carry i ever see , his decision making , his item choice is what make him the top 1 carry in the world

EG.Arteezy (88marks)

Arteezy play the mid role but is more known for his carry heros like razer and pa …His aggressive plays and speed to farm up important items is just amazing

Mouz.Pajkatt ( 85 marks)

What makes a good carry ? A carry is not a farmer do not just farm …You must carry your team to victory
What i love about pajkatt is his Mobility and his eagerness to gank

ZSMJ (80marks)

ZSMJ is a farming machine …Back then in dota 1 , he can farm sacred relic in 6 mins , 8mins radiance
He holds the world record for the quickest farming speed

Zhou ( 80marks)

Zhou seem slighly weaker than other carry because he often make alot of mistakes and has bad decision making
But his position in clash is always perfect and with great positioning , even if his team is behind alot , he can change the game for them

Fnatic.Era ( 85 marks)

I love how Era plays …. He farms fast , is very stable and doesnt make alot of mistakes …

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