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Ahh DOTA 2… everyone’s favourite MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena). Love it or hate it, you’ve probably tried it.

In this day and age, gaming doesn’t exactly live up to its name as a way of having fun. Games have gotten so competitive that besides not having fun, you may find yourself feeling annoyed most of the time.

And you bring your gaming self into the real world.

The question is: Are you playing too much for your own good? Check this.

1. You treat the game as a form of therapy rather than an actual game

Because you get to rage on others as you unleash all your pent-up frustration and anger from your daily life.

And you look forward to that immensely.

2. When you meet someone in person and they say they don’t play DOTA 2, you’re like, “eh”

What an unworthy person who’s not fit to be your friend.

3. You spend way too much money on in-game purchases

Who needs the real world and its tangible goods? I can eat cup noodles everyday and still live.

Disclaimer: No you can’t.

4. You’re constantly straddling the fine line that separates raging and cyber terrorism/ bullying

This teenager from Texas (League of Legends player) had an argument with another player last year. Then he made a sarcastic comment on Facebook saying he’d shoot up a school. He was sent to jail and released on a $ 500k bond.

You’re probably thinking that you are not dumb or reckless enough to post such hate online, but as I said, it’s a thin line. Rage with care boys. You never know what’s going to happen online.

5. You and your friends are not speaking to each other

Because somebody was feeding like mad during last night’s match. Oh man, all the angst and anger.

And no! It’s not just a game!

6. You’re so desensitised from the constant raging and it has spilled over into your social life

You actually thought it was okay to tell that guy you want to have intercourse with his mom.

I mean, it was only a joke, right?

And you just met him. You wonder why you’ve no friends?

7. You play like ten matches a day

Or more if it’s on your book out day.

8. You’re becoming a real life racist

Because Pinoy players are feeders.

Chinese players keep talking nonsense into their mic. Loudly.

Vietnamese players keep chatting in their native tongue and that pisses you off.

Avoid them in real life!

Disclaimer: Please do not avoid them in real life. That’s not cool. Say no to racism.

9. You dumped your girlfriend or boyfriend

How dare they deprive you of your time with this fabulous eSport?

10. You said “GGWP” after sex

Good game well played, for the uninitiated.

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